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Danae Varvadaki

Danae K. Vardavaki, LL.M.






Member of the Athens Bar Association 


Admission before the Supreme Court of Athens


Member of the Board of the Association of Private and Public Companies (S.Α.Ε - Ε.P.Ε.)

2002 – present

Researcher in the programme “Environmental Law and Legal Information Technology” (University of Athens)
Participation in European Commission’s programme on comparison of national laws regarding consumer protection
(EC proposal for the Regulation on the Common European Sales Law)

2005 – 2007






Professional Experience





Law Office of Delicostopoulos & Sinaniotis

1998 – present





Ms Vardavaki focuses on commercial law, corporate law, energy law and real estate. In each of these areas, she has experience both of transactional work and litigation:


In commercial law, this included to-date advice to a Greek gas distribution company on construction and procurement law disputes, on franchising arrangements, and to an art exhibitions company on its formation, trade-marks, funding arrangements and on-going commercial and corporate matters.


Her experience in corporate law includes complex company formations, on-going company law advice and advice on shareholders’ litigation.


Ms Vardavaki has extensive experience in real estate transactions and property litigation. She has advised on a range of high-value and complex real estate transactions, some of which were of an international character.


National Bank of Greece

2003 – present



Ms Vardavaki works as external counsel to the National Bank of Greece in the field of real estate transactions, business and corporate loans and residential property finance.




English, French, German









LL.M. in International Economic Law (University of Warwick)


  • specialising in Electronic Commerce & Contracts




LL.B. (University of Athens)




Other Memberships




Founding Member and General Secretary of the Hellenic Warwick Graduate Association (HWGA)

2002 – present




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