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Prof. Lambros D. Sinaniotis

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Prof. Lambros D. Sinaniotis, born Megalopoli Arkadias, 1934. Married to Kalliopi Sinaniotou. Founder and senior partner at the Delicostopoulos-Sinaniotis Law Firm. Education: Law at the University of Athens (LL.B, 1956 ) and Munich (PhD in Law,  1959). Professor of Procedural Law, University of Athens Law School (1970). Visiting Professor at the University of Würzburg, Germany (1988 – 1989). Attorney at law before the Supreme Court (Greece). Languages: German, English, French, Italian.

 In Greek:
Legitimation of parties in civil procedure, 1965,
Commentary of the Code of Civil Procedure (Volumes I, II, With Professor Delicostopoulos) 1968-69,
Commentary of the Code of Civil Procedure (Volume III) 1974,
Civil procedure law (Volume I, II, With Professor Delicostopoulos) 1969, and second edition 1973, elaborated by Lambros Sinaniotis,
Civil procedure law (Volume III) 1972,
Special proceedings in procedural law, 1984, new edition forth coming, 2007,
Revision before the Suprime Court, 1996, second edition, 2006,
Several other publications in legal periodicals and Essays in honor of academia.
 In German :
Allgemeine Begrenzung des Urteilsgengenstandes durch die Tatsachen, (Phd 1959), 1969,
Processstandschaft und Rechtskraft, 1966,
Revisibilitat unbestiminter Rechtsbegriffe, 2000,
Die Materielle Begründung der Legitimation, 2002.

Member of the Greek Procedural Law Association and of the International Association of Procedural Law

President of the Historical and Laographic Museum of Korinthos.
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