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Prof. Lambros D. Sinaniotis

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Stephanos I. Delicostopoulos, born Agrinio Greece, 1933. Married to Marina Delicostopoulou. Founder and senior partner at the Delicostopoulos-Sinaniotis Law Firm. Education: Law at the University of Athens (LL.B, 1956 ) and Munich ( PhD in Law,  1959). Former Professor of Public Law, University of Athens Law School (1974). Visiting Professor of Law at the University of Wurzburg, Germany 1982-89. Attorney at law before the Supreme Court (Greece). Languages: German, English, French, Italian.
 In Greek:
Private Autonomy in Civil procedure, 1965, Commentary of the Code of Civil Procedure (Two volumes. With Professor Sinaniotis ) 1968-69, Administrative Law, 1972, Quasi contractual relations in administrative law, 1973, The conditions of admissibility of annulment proceedings before the Supreme Administrative Court (Council of State ), 1973, European Procedural Law, 1986, The Genesis of Law and Ancient Greek Poetry, 1996, Proceedings on cassation of administrative Courts decisions before the Supreme Administrative Court, 2000.
In German:
 Burokratie und Freiheit 1982, Sehnsucht nach der Polis, 1986.
In Italian:
 Saggio Intoduttivo sulla Costatituzione Greca, 1998.
 Several other publications in legal periodicals and Essays in honor of academia.
Homo Erectus. Anima Feminina, Contraria, Apporoaches (translated into English, French and German).

Awarded the Goddess Athena Medal by International Society of Greek Writers 1999.
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